Third Grade

Writing and speaking as third graders gets a bit more complex as we introduce conjunctions, pronouns and encourage the students to really think about word choice in language arts. We teach search tools to help the children locate information and dig deeper into analyzing the texts we read, including making distinctions between different points of view in a story. All of these skills are applied when the third graders begin composing short verbal reports of their own. They are encouraged to include relevant facts and details on a topic, story or experience, supported by any appropriate audio and displays.

The third graders in Mrs. Henecker’s class will work to accomplish a number of important math objectives during the school year. Specifically, the students will conclude the year knowing how to:

  • Represent a fraction and its equivalencies;
  • Apply place value and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic with whole numbers;
  • Construct graphs to represent data;
  • Compare and contrast two- and three-dimensional figures across multiple categories;
  • Explain steps involved in solving multi-step problems;
  • Apply properties of operations to multiply and divide numbers within 100;
  • Solve problems involving measurement and estimation using a variety of systems of measurement.

Last, but certainly not least, our students also have a robust social studies, science (including STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and religion curriculum. Enrichment courses such as art and physical education round out each week.

Mrs. Judy Henecker

Third Grade Teacher