Sixth Grade

Welcome to middle school! Our students work diligently over the next three years in order to be fully prepared for high school. In language arts, we analyze fiction and nonfiction texts in many different ways. The students also learn how to gather information from multiple print and digital sources to support their research. They learn proper citation formats, which is very important for all their future research papers. In the sixth grade, we continue to develop and strengthen each student’s writing, applying the proper conventions of English grammar. Vocabulary is also strengthened as we explore meanings of unfamiliar and multiple-meaning words. At this grade level, the students are expected to use technology to produce and publish their writings and presentations. They will work both individually, as well as in groups, throughout the year.

In sixth grade math, our students use rates, ratios and proportions to solve problems and perform mathematical operations with decimals, fractions, percentages and integers. They also work to solve one variable equations and inequalities and to apply geometric formulas for problem solving. They will work to interpret data sets by applying measures of central tendency and variability and they will write and evaluate algebraic expressions.

We round out our curriculum with regular religion classes, as well as social studies and science (which includes our STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—program). The children participate in physical education and art weekly too.

Mrs. Szperlak

Middle School Science Teacher