Seventh Grade

Mr. Fordyce

Seventh grade is such a fun time to be learning! By the time our students are done with the year, they will have accomplished so much. For instance, in math, they will have learned to:

  • Analyze proportional relationships to solve problems;
  • Perform operations using rational numbers;
  • Solve problems using algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities;
  • Solve problems using formulas, spatial relationships, and geometric properties;
  • Use random sampling to draw inferences about one or more populations;
  • Develop probability models to calculate the probability of real-world events.

In seventh grade language arts, previous learning is taken to another level as we explore concepts like compound-complex sentences, phrase placement and dangling modifiers in grammar. In vocabulary we discuss word relationships and nuances, using strategies such as figures of speech, connotations, affixes and roots. We continue to compare and contrast different texts in-depth and to hone our writing skills. We apply the practices of pre-writing, writing, revising and editing to strengthen our written works. Research and presentation techniques are also further developed in our class.

Our studies in science (including STEM) and social studies continue this year, as well as our regular religious studies. Every week our students enjoy time away from our usual classroom activities to participate in art and physical education. It’s a big year for our students as they prepare to enter their last year here at St. Gerard and, we enjoy every minute!

Mr. Robert Fordyce

Middle School Math Teacher