Second Grade

Welcome to second grade at St. Gerard Majella! We are very excited to help our students excel in all subjects. In mathematics, our students will use addition and subtraction (within one hundred) to solve one and two-step word problems with unknowns in all positions. They will also construct the sum of equal sets of objects to represent multiplication and demonstrate that the digits of a number represent amounts of thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We will also work on measure in standard units, including time and money, as well as drawing picture and bar graphs to represent a data set. Finally, we will also work on drawing shapes with specific attributes.

Our second graders participate in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum, as well as in our religious and social studies classes. Physical education and art are also taught to enhance and enrich their studies.

In language arts, we move from sentences to paragraphs in the second grade. We look for these paragraphs to have an introduction, supporting ideas and a conclusion. Writing becomes more developed as the students begin to use plurals, different verb tenses and a compound sentence structure. Figuring out unfamiliar vocabulary with the use of strategies like compound words, dictionaries and word applications is encouraged. Reading and comprehension gets more sophisticated as these second graders describe how characters, events and ideas relate in a text and as they begin to use different voices for the various characters when reading aloud.

My class always finishes up the year energized and anxious to start third grade in the fall!

Ms. Diane Sondej

Second Grade Teacher