First Grade


Our first grade language arts program at St. Gerard builds upon many of the concepts introduced in kindergarten. Capitalization, punctuation, verb principles and spelling are taught throughout the year as we encourage the students to begin writing and speaking in complete sentences. Decoding strategies are taught to help the children determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and reading with accuracy and fluency is stressed to support comprehension as we dig into the key details of the stories we read. I always enjoy seeing how the students progress and begin to put together sentences to tell a story, give an opinion or explain something.

Our students work very hard on their math in the first grade. We make sure each student can:

    • Add and subtract to twenty;

    • Apply the properties of operations as strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems;

    • Illustrate three-digit numbers based on meaning of the hundreds, tens and ones;

    • Use appropriate tools for measuring whole units of measurement;

    • Interpret graphs and solve problems;

    • Compare and contrast two- and three-dimensional figures and their attributes.

In addition to this busy reading, writing and arithmetic work, our first graders also attend art and physical education during the week. In-depth lessons in religion, science and social studies complete our first grade curriculum.

Looking forward to welcoming you to the first grade!

Mrs. Teresa Panek

First Grade Teacher