Fifth Grade

In Mrs. Flamio’s fifth grade class, the students work very hard preparing themselves for the middle school mathematics that will come their way next year. By the time they finish the fifth grade, our students are able to:

  • Solve problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for fractions;
  • Perform operations with mult-digit whole numbers and with decimals to thousandths;
  • Organize and interpret data using various graphing representations;
  • Classify three dimensional figures into categories based on their properties;
  • Analyze patterns and relationships to extend numerical patterns;
  • Convert different sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system.

For language arts, we continue to emphasize the rules of grammar and to explore the meaning of unknown words to strengthen vocabulary. We explore texts in great detail to determine main ideas and themes, as well as to compare characters, setting, events and ideas. We look at the different points of view as we read and start to compare and contrast texts. Students will construct well-organized opinion, explanatory and narrative writing assignments. Finally, our fourth graders will do independent research as well as work in groups to summarize and present information incorporating multimedia.

It is a pleasure to prepare our students for middle school!

Mrs. Kelly Flamio

Middle School ELA Teacher