Eighth Grade

Welcome to the eighth grade at St. Gerard Majella. When students walk in our doors for their last year with us, there are a variety of emotions. There is excitement, and a bit of trepidation about what is ahead for them in their high school years. There is also some sadness and nostalgia because they only have one year left at this wonderful school. Our job this year is to guide our students through the high school selection process and to make sure they are fully prepared academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually for what lies ahead.

In mathematics, our eighth graders will work to apply operations on real numbers to solve problems, and solve problems using algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities. In addition, they will analyze functional relationships in tables, graphs and equations, as well as apply spatial relationships, formulas and geometric properties to solve problems.

In language arts, the students continue to strengthen their writing through the pre-writing, writing, revising and editing process. They will explore unfamiliar words and discuss word relationships and nuances in vocabulary. In addition, they will be challenged to construct cohesive and coherent multi-paragraph writings to present an argument, explanation and narrative for a particular purpose and audience. Finally, we thoroughly explore the texts we read, looking at things like: the author’s intent, word choices and phrases, the structure of the text and how it contributes to meaning and style and how different points of view impact the content and purpose of the text.

Our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum is more challenging than ever in the eighth grade and our religion and social studies work continues several times each week. Physical education and art are also included in each eighth grader’s week as well.

By the time our eighth graders approach the month of June, they are fully prepared for high school. They will forever cherish their time here at St. Gerard and we will forever miss them.

Mrs. Ciarfella

Middle School Social Studies Teacher