The St. Gerard Majella School curriculum meets all state regulations and guidelines. In addition, diocesan guidelines require a comprehensive religious education curriculum. Our faculty members are fully qualified professionals committed to bringing out the best in their students as they grow in knowledge, skills, and values. While providing a stimulating and demanding education, we give our students a high level of individualized attention and personal sharing. This commitment is reinforced by participation in programs for advanced students and also for those experiencing difficulties in reading, writing and math. Specifically, the following subjects are included in the curriculum:

▪ Language Arts ▪ Mathematics ▪ Social Studies

▪ Science (including STEM) ▪ Religion ▪ World Language

▪ Technology ▪ Art ▪ Robotics

▪ Music ▪ Physical Education/Health & Wellness

A St. Gerard education is a challenging education. High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring combine to foster excellence. Overall, Catholic schools:

*Score significantly above the national averages on standardized testing;

*Develop more effective writing skills because of a greater emphasis on homework and study;

*Have an excellent success rate in educating minority students.

Our school engages in an ongoing process of evaluation, certification, and accreditation of both teachers and programs.

  • The curriculum of St Gerard Majella School is provided by the Diocese of Paterson and the State of New Jersey.
  • Our curriculum integrates literacy across all subjects. Students are instructed in a variety of subjects using STEM – the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.
  • The comprehensive curriculum is further enhanced by the use of personalized learning online programs that meet the unique needs of each learner. Real-time analytics are used by teachers to review student growth and plan for instruction. The adaptive programs used are: IXL Math in grades 2-8, iReady Math and Reading in grades 4-5 and Achieve 3000 for grades 6-8 in Reading.